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Club de Outrigger Montreal | Montreal Outrigger Club

Outrigger canoe, in montreal

Enjoy your summer on the waters of the Lachine Canal or the Canal de la Rive Sud, on an outrigger canoe.

​What is an outrigger canoe?

It's a specialized 1-person, 2-person, or 6-person canoe that is equipped with a lateral support for stability. Outrigger canoeing can be pursued for recreation or competitive sport.



The Montreal Outrigger Fall Classic will take place in Autumn 2020. Stay tuned for details!

Racing categories, 10K or 20K:

OC1, OC2, OC6, C1, C2, Surfski, Kayak, R9

about COMMOC

what we do

The Montreal Outrigger Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of outrigger canoe paddling and racing. We strive to promote the sport of outrigger canoe as a recreational and a competitive activity, and foster a sense of community among our members.

our services

COMMOC offers training for all levels, from beginner to competitive.

In addition, we are happy to provide:

  • Racing opportunities

  • Boat rental service

  • Access to a paddling network


Take advantage of our competitive rates and paddle with COMMOC this summer.

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